Braces / Orthodontics

Dental Braces

Braces can fix crooked and misaligned teeth.

More people are wearing dental braces than ever. Braces are much more affordable and easier, more appealing and more comfortable to wear.

Dr. Duboff can help you determine if orthodontic treatment is the right option for you. Depending on the complexity of your case, Dr. Duboff may choose to treat you or refer you to an orthodontist – a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities.

“Invisible” Braces

Clear Correct™ is a system of clear aligners (similar to invisalign®) that fit over your teeth. As these aligners slowly reposition your teeth, approximately every 3 weeks Dr. Duboff will check the progress and supply you with a new retainer from the set.

It works over time to correct mild to moderate tooth discrepancies like tipping, spacing or overcrowding or to align your teeth properly.

No metal brackets are necessary, as they are designed to be worn all day – without anybody noticing that you are wearing them. Only during meals you are not supposed to wear them.

Traditional Braces

The most common form of braces and widely used today are the traditional brackets that are chemically bonded to each tooth. The brackets are bonded to each individual tooth and a wire is run through them to provide the movement of the teeth. This wire is replaced throughout the treatment to a heavier wire to provide greater movement.

Ligatures are then used to keep the wire in place. These ligatures come in a variety of colors and are popular with younger patients to jazz up their braces treatment by using school colors and such.

Clear Braces

Commonly known as ceramic dental braces or tooth-colored dental braces, porcelain dental braces are one of several types of orthodontic braces designed to fit adult lifestyles. Porcelain dental braces help hide the fact you’re wearing braces by blending in with your teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, porcelain brackets are made from a glass-like composite material that appears translucent, allowing your teeth to shine through.

Gold Braces

Gold plated stainless steel braces are used to help the people who have allergies to nickel or simply like the look of gold better than the look of regular metal. These braces bond well with the teeth and they don’t have the silver appearance that comes with the regular metal braces.

Lingual Braces

This type of braces is used when the cosmetic appearance of braces is not wanted.
By placing the brackets behind the teeth the treatment is virtually hidden. Unfortunately it is very hard to adjust to lingual braces.

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