Rita, Office Manager

Meet Rita, Office Manager

Rita, Office Manager Rita is originally from the East Coast, but was raised in Southern California.

She received a BS Degree in Business Management at University of Phoenix, and worked in her field of Customer Service and Management positions.
In 2010, she moved to Las Vegas, looking for better opportunities; and shortly afterword landed her career at Smile Designers of Las Vegas.

“Dr. Duboff was looking for an Office Manager, and I was looking for a job”, Rita says, “Business Networking truly works, because that’s how we met”.

Rita loves Classic Rock and Authentic Cuisine; and in her free time time enjoys watching soccer; hockey and travels back to Glendale, California to spend time with her family.

“I’m the first person patients see and talk to after they walk in. I see patients who are in severe pain, or haven’t seen a dentist in decades because they were too terrified due to prior negative experiences, or because they couldn’t afford proper dental care. It’s the most satisfying feeling to know that we are able to help them and give them their quality of life back.”