Zuleica, Dental Assistant

Meet Zuleica, Dental Assistant

My name is Zuleica Morais Boyd and aside from my work here in the office I enjoy spending time at home with my fiance and my two cats. I love music and sports. Being That I am from Brazil I love Soccer and have grown to enjoy watching American Football with my fiance as well as Hockey. I have been a resident of Las Vegas for the last 12 years and one of my proudest accomplishments was becoming an American Citizen.

I studied Dentistry in my home country of Brazil, and bring to the office over 17 years experience in the field of dentistry, either as a dentist or dental assistant. I am also multilingual and speak Spanish and Portuguese as well as English.

I got involved with Dentistry because I love working with people especially children and the elderly, and enjoy educating patients about ways to improve their aesthetic smile. I am patient and sympathetic to each patient’s individual needs and concerns and do everything in my power to make their experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

I understand there is sometimes a misconception of fear in dentistry and I always work to dispel this myth with the patients I work with. Providing a calm atmosphere is essential to the way that I help assist patients. I am glad to work with Dr. Duboff and count him as one of the best professionals in the field of dentistry I have ever worked with and for.